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The Operation Shield program is a project created by the Atlanta Police Department designed to expand and enhance the city’s public safety efforts throughout metro Atlanta. The program is comprised of three separate components working in concert to multiply the effects of police procedures. The first component is the integration of video surveillance data from both public and private sector initiatives. The second component is a metro area digital radio communication network that meshes private sector security firms with the City of Atlanta’s law enforcement community. The Comnet system leverages the large number of private security officers by equipping these private firms with a direct link into the city of Atlanta Police Department’s Video Integration (VIC) in order to increase communication during times of need. The third component of Operation Shield is cutting-edge analytics and innovation technology.

Until recently, this program was largely supported by the integration of corporate campuses and large scale camera projects – a cost prohibitive process for small businesses.  With the introduction of the Operation Shield – Blue Light project, now small businesses and communities have a lower cost solution to connecting their camera systems into the Atlanta Police Department’s Video Integration Center.