About How it Works Partners Connect

Public safety and security is a partnership. The responsibility is shared by everyone in the community. The Operation Shield – Blue Light project puts the power of security into the hands of individual citizens and small business owners. Your participation helps our officers improve response times to incidents. By establishing a partnership between the city and the community, local businesses can selectively share video feeds directly with the Atlanta Police Department’s Video Integration Center. With Operation Shield, we can work together to increase safety and combat crime in our neighborhoods.


  • IP digital camera – mounted at your facility. (requires high speed internet access).

  • Installation of a ‘blue light’ signifying connectivity to Operation Shield –Blue Light and deterrent to criminal activity.

  • Operation Shield-Blue Light window decal and APD security camera signage on premise.

  • Monitor your video from anywhere, using a web client or mobile app.

  • Controlled camera access and connectivity to any camera(s) you choose to share, allowing officers to monitor video during an incident.